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The NaturalintX Poultice is a highly absorbent, multi layered dressing impregnated with the natural poulticing agent tragacanth and boric acid a mild, natural antiseptic.

  • 1 x poultive = a single 41cm x 21cm pad

Tragacanth becomes active when wet, drawing any dirt and debris from the wound, while helping to maintain a moist, clean environment to support the natural healing of skin and tissue. 

The antiseptic quality of boric acid keeps the area clean and free from unwanted germs.

The NaturalintX Poultice may be applied in three different ways depending on the nature of the wound to be dressed – either as a hot, cold or dry poultice dressing.

A hot poultice will help increase blood flow to the area, thus supporting natural healing, while the warmth also induces greater comfort. A cold dressing is ideal for bruising, sprains or strains, and if necessary, the poultice pad can be refrigerated before use for maximum effect. When used dry, the NaturalintX Poultice can be applied as a pressure pad directly over the wound, providing a clean, highly absorbent dry dressing.

The NaturalintX Poultice is formed from multiple layers of 100% natural cotton wool, with a low adherent, non woven wound facing, which helps to minimize the disturbance and trauma caused to the wound when the dressing is changed. A fine polythene backing sheet helps to retain the moisture and warmth of the dressing, helping to support efficient natural healing, it also serves as a protective barrier against external contamination.

The NaturalintX Poultice comes as a single 41cm x 21cm pad which can be cut to the precise size and shape required to ensire maximum comfort and protection. However, the NaturalintX Poultice is used, it must always be secured in place with a NaturalintX Wrap.

The NaturalintX Poultice should not be used in conjunction with any medical preparations unless advised otherwise by a veterinary surgeon.

Each poultice contains: 

  • Tragacanth 6 g
  • Boric acid 2 g

A 100% natural poultice for use on minor wounds and abrasions.

NaturalintX is the name you can rely on to take care of your horse, naturally.

NAF have pioneered the science of natural nutritional support for horses over quarter of a century, and throughout that time have remained brand leaders and innovators in their market.

Now, with the ever increasing trend to move away from chemical and synthetic approaches towards caring for our horses, NAF have turned their expertise in natural equine care to first aid, with the launch of NaturalintX.

Within the new NaturalintX first aid range you will find a choise of veterinary approved, 100% natural dressings for wound management, together with naturally formulated applications to support the healing of minor wounds, cuts, abrasions and strains. 

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