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Hormone imbalances in mares can lead to ‘stroppy’, unwilling behaviour, sometimes making a horse difficult to handle and resulting in a reduction in performance. No More Moods contains liquid chasteberry, a plant which has been recognized for many years for its benefits in supporting correct hormone levels. Use No More Moods daily to turn your ‘nightmare into a nice mare’.

No More Moods has also been used successfully on aggressive stallions.

When used in combination with Lamigard TRT, No More Moods can be beneficial to the older horse with a thick coat.

Feed No More Moods to:

  • Any mare showing signs of mood swings, aggression or general ‘moody’ mare behaviour
  • Stallions to reduce aggression
  • Horses and ponies with Cushing’s syndrome

How does it work?
No More Moods is a liquid chasteberry supplement, a plant which has been used to treat hormone imbalances in both people and animals for many years. No More Moods differs from other chasteberry products as it is extracted from the whole plant for a more concentrated formulation.

For an average 500 kg horse, feed 30 ml daily for 5 days, or until desired effect, then maintain with 15 ml daily.

Available in:

  • 1 litre (2 month supply at maintenance)

Water, chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus extract), thiamine HCl, magnesium, xanthan gum, dextrose. Preserved with ammonium propionate. 

Nightmare to nice mare!

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