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Equine Premium Quick Fix is a short course of highly concentrated probiotic paste that helps calm the horse in stressful situations:

  • Travel, particularly long distances, or where the horse gets ‘over-excited’
  • Settling before competition
  • Following worming or antibiotics – where the beneficial microorganisms can be adversely affected

It can also help new-born foals – establishing microflora in the sterile gut after birth, as well as helping to prevent foal ‘scour’.

Equine Premium Quick Fix is peppermint flavoured to encourage acceptance and is presented in a spin-ring / dial-a-dose syringe for accurate dosing. As well as the Protexin probiotic, it also includes Preplex prebiotic to help the probiotic microorganisms grow more effectively.

Foals:  5 ml per day up to and over foal heat.

Horses:  5 ml per day following worming or antibiotic therapy for 6 days.

10 ml 24 hours prior to competing, 10 ml prior to travel and final 10 ml approx. 1.5 hours prior to competition.

Soya oil, Dextrose monohydrate, preplex prebiotic (FOS & gum acacia), silica dioxide, natural peppermint flavouring, green colouring. 

A highly concentrated probiotic and prebiotic paste.

Promoting health from the inside out

The health of a horse’s digestive system is one of the major factors in regulating overall performance and condition:

  • By affecting the ability to convert nutrition into energy
  • By affecting the strength of the immune system
  • By affecting the anxiety status

To keep healthy, the digestive system needs billions of beneficial microorganisms (the microflora) living in the caecum - helping to digest the fibrous diet, and to create an exclusion barrier to harmful bacteria.

However, when the horse is subjected to stressful situations - competition, travel, fatigue, illness - its natural ‘empty and run’ flight response means that the balance of the microflora can become disrupted. This can therefore affect its immune response and ability to recover its health and performance.

Protexin Equine Premium is a range of specific supplements, each with a high quality probiotic to help restore the balance of the microflora and therefore to promote effective health, recovery and performance. 

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