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Guaranteed to make your horse calmer and easier to ride. Unique double action formula guaranteed free from prohibited substances. Horse First Relax Me combines magnesium, vitamin E and B group vitamins to support a calmer more easygoing horse. 

After years of research and many trials, Horse First RelaxMe was developed, and the feed back from riders in those early days was amazing. Today as more and more competitors and trainers from every equestrian discipline discover the benefits of Horse First RelaxMe the response and success stories grow and grow.

More than just another calmer Horse First RelaxMe supports calm, less anxious horses and ponies which have a quiet confidence in their own natural abilities. The dual action of Horse First RelaxMe (supporting the gut and nervous system) means the one effect you see and feel is coming from our two pronged approach.

So no matter what level you compete at, or if you ride for pleasure, you will gain so much more form giving Horse First RelaxMe.

Maximum effectiveness of RelaxMe requires a loading period of seven days (two scoops twice daily). 

In rare cases this period may need extending or the amount increased. Then you reduce the amount to maintenance level approximately one scoop per day, by knowing your horse or pony you will be soon able to establish this specific level. If you are taking your horse to a show, event, or competition you can increase the level for one or two days before. 

  per 1 kg
Vitamin E 44,000 iu
Magnesium 50,000 mg
>td >80,000 mg
Riboflavin 500 mg
Folic acid 300 mg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride 20,000 mg

Saccharmyces cervisiae (yeast) with a unique blend of liquorice and silica for optimum gut health and absorption. 

Guaranteed to make your horse calmer and easier to ride.

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