Restore-Lyte® Gel Syringe

Restore-Lyte® Gel Syringe


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The correct balance of ionised body salts (positive and negative) are vital to a horse or pony’s wellbeing and the capability to perform at peak levels.

Equine Products UK Restore-Lyte® Gel Syringe is designed to assist with the rapid replacement of ion salts lost through sweating during exercise or very hot conditions and help with the maintenance of vital mineral reserves which can be lost by essentia tissues.

Restore-Lyte® Gel Syringe contains a carbohydrate energy source to assist in obtaining maximum performance.

  • Helps maintain muscle integrity and energy supply
  • Contains a non-glucose carbohydrate source
  • Two vital products in one
  • As a one shot syringe for before or after competition or hard work
 Syringes per day
Horses in full work1

Sodium choride and potassium. 

One shot syringe for before or after competition or hard work.

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