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Soil and pasture varies greatly throughout the UK. If a horse grazes on a sandy pasture, small amounts of sand and dirt will inevitably be ingested which, over time, may build up in the gut. Equine America Sand-Out contains multi-active fibre in the form of psyllium husks. As Sand-Out passes through the digestive tract, the microscopic hooks on the psyllium husks effectively scoop up the sand particles, and along with effective system lubricants, help them to pass through the digestive system.
Sand-Out should be fed for one week each month to horses or ponies grazing sandy pastures. A veterinary surgeon may also recommend Equine America Sand-Out in other situations, and will advise accordingly.Why should you feed Sand-Out?

  • To control levels of dirt and sand that may settle in the digestive system and lead to impaction colic.
  • Ideal for horses or ponies grazing on sandy pastures.
  • It may also be advised by a veterinary surgeon to feed a horse Equine America Sand-Out after colic. 

How does Sand-Out work?
Sand-Out contains multi-active fibre supported by effective lubricants to encapsulate sand and dirt, helping it to pass through the digestive system. Sand-Out is non-abrasive and gentle and helps to reduce the risk of impaction colic associated with soil or sand build-up.

For an average 500 kg horse, feed 160 g (2 x 80 g measures) daily with the horse’s regular feed for one week, then leave for 21 days. Repeat as required or as advised by a veterinary surgeon. Feed others according to body weight, less for ponies and smaller horses and more for larger breeds.

Available in:

  • 2.2 kg tub (2 week supply for treatment over a 2 month period)

Psyllium seed husk and bentonite. Preserved with sodium propionate. 

A digestive aid for horses or ponies grazing sandy pastures.

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