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Science Supplements 4Feet is a specialist dietary supplement that provides a concentrated source of the micronutrients, biotin and calcium, required for good hoof horn quality and growth. Science Supplements use a unique, highly bioavailable form of biotin, meaning more of the nutrients are absorbed leading to greater results.

Providing high specification nutrients shown to help:

  • Improve hoof and horn condition
  • Reduce cracking and splitting
  • Decrease foot sensitivity
  • Promote healthy skin and hair
  • 2 kg tub gives approximately 6 months supply

A specialist dietary supplement that provides a concentrated source of the micronutrients, biotin and calcium, required for good hoof horn quality and growth.

Poor hoof condition is common in all types of horses and ponies and can lead to practical problems such as splitting of the hoof and losing shoes. When hoof condition is compromised, this can also contribute to lameness, as the hoof becomes less effective at shock absorption and foot balance may be detrimentally altered. Whilst many different minerals, vitamins and other ingredients (e.g. yeasts) are included in hoof supplements there is only significant supporting evidence for the use of biotin. 

A recent paper from Sweden reported that the heritability of hoof “health” was low (only 0.1; Jonsson et al. (2013). The implication is that management (diet, hoofcare, farriery, etc) plays a much larger role in hoof health than genetic factors. Thus, it is possible for owners to help control hoof health through good practice and nutritional support. In a survey of geriatric horses (over 15 years of age) Ireland et al. (2012) reported that 80% had hoof abnormalities.

A number of studies have demonstrated benefits from long term feeding of biotin. Long-term treatment with biotin at a dose of 0.031-0.037 mg/kg body weight (equivalent to 15.5-18.5 mg) up to 10 months resulted in an improvement of the horn quality of the growing hoof (Wintzer 1986). The effects of dietary supplementation with a high level of the b vitamin biotin (which has proved successful in the treatment of the similar condition in pigs) were investigated in more than 40 cases of horses with poor hoof quality (Comben et al. 1984). Varying degrees of improvement in the hardness, integrity and conformation of the hoof horn were observed in all cases. 

It was concluded that “dietary supplementation with 10-30 mg biotin/day (depending on bodyweight) for not less than six to nine months is a useful treatment to support other remedial measures in such cases”. 

Biotin deficiency has been implicated in horses with poor hoof quality (Josseck et al. 1995; Zenker et al. 1995). Daily supplementation with 20 mg biotin improved hoof wall integrity after 9 months (Josseck et al. 1995) and hoof structure and hoof wall strength after 33-38 months of supplementation (Zenker et al. 1995). 

Less scientifically rigorous studies have suggested 10-30 mg biotin per day for 6-9 months can improve hoof hardness and hoof integrity in horses with poor quality feet at the outset (Kempson, 1987). Increased hoof growth rate and hardness has been reported in Thoroughbred and Thoroughbred cross horses fed 15 mg biotin per day for 10 months (Buffa et al. 1992) whilst a 15% increase in hoof growth rate was seen in ponies supplemented with 0.12 mg biotin/kg bodyweight/day (equivalent to 60 mg/day for a 500 kg horse) for 5 months (Reilly et al. 1998). 

The influence of dietary biotin in horses with brittle hoof horn and chipped hooves was investigated in a long-term study, which was performed over a period from one to six years (Geyer and Schulze, 1994). Ninety-seven horses received 5 mg of biotin per 100-150 kg of body weight daily (equivalent to ~25mg in a 500kg horse). The hoof horn condition of the biotin-supplemented horses improved after 8-15 months of supplementation as determined by macroscopic and histologic examinations. The growth rate of the coronary horn of horses supplemented with biotin and of control horses was the same. The hoof horn condition deteriorated in 7 of 10 horses after biotin supplementation was reduced or terminated. It was concluded that biotin should be continuously supplemented at the full dosage in horses with severe hoof horn alterations.


4Feet should be given in feed as a daily supplement to aid hoof horn growth and condition. It is ideal for horses with poor hoof horn condition or those prone to losing shoes, cracking, splitting or problems associated with poor feet. Because hoof growth is relatively slow results may take up to 6-9 months to be visible.

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