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Science Supplements SafeSalt
Exactly as the name suggests Salt that is safe for your horse and their stomach. A unique electrolyte (sodium and chloride) to overcome problems with palatability, gastric upset and gastric ulceration. Individual grains of salt coated in special oil which will not dissolve in the mouth or stomach. The oil coating dissolves in the small intestine where electrolyte uptake is optimal and gentle on the stomach unlike ordinary electrolytes.

  • For horses in light work or rest
  • Maintains essential salt levels
  • Promotes water and feed intake
  • Gentle and safe for your horse’s stomach using MicroBead Technology
  • 2 kg tub gives approximately 6 weeks supply

Tested to be free from the prohibited substances caffeine, theobromine, hyoscine, hordenine, morphine and atropine. Does not contravene FEI rules or rules of racing.

A unique formulation that provides a palatable source of sodium and chloride and helps overcome these potential palatability problems.

What’s different about SafeSalt?

Whilst salt and electrolytes can be added to the feed, horses often find these unpalatable and their granular nature means that it is easy for fussy horses to leave them at the bottom of the feed manger. There is also evidence that ordinary salt can cause or worsen gastric ulcers in horses. SafeSalt is a unique formulation that provides a palatable source of sodium and chloride and helps overcome these potential palatability problems.

Salt (sodium chloride) is a key nutrient required for nerve and muscle function, maintenance of normal hydration and digestive, kidney, lung and heart function. Forage is rich in potassium and chloride and in some cases calcium (e.g. alfalfa) The most common electrolyte deficient is sodium and most horses need supplemental salt. Horses in work, competing and racing require extra electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat, faeces and urine and sub-optimal electrolyte intake can lead to muscle problems and poor performance


SafeSalt should be given daily in feed during training. SafeSalt is an ideal alternative to ordinary salt or electrolytes for horses that go off their feed during hard work

Mix in with feed. Electrolytes should be given regularly not just during competition. Maintains appetite and stimulates drinking. Follow detailed feeding instructions according to level of training and weather on side of tub.

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