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Science Supplements WellHorse Veteran


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Science Supplements WellHorse Veteran is supported by 50 years of scientific research into what individual horses and ponies require and is formulated to meet the demands of the older horse. It contains every important nutrient your veteran horse requires and meets the NRC (National Research Council) and BASF (Animal Nutrition) recommendations for vitamins, microminerals and macrominerals and also supports joint health and the immune system, to keep your older horse as active as ever.

Horses’ nutritional requirements change as they age and WellHorse Veteran has been formulated to safely satisfy this specific need. 

In addition to vitamins and minerals, WellHorse Veteran also includes a source of highly bioavailable biotin (also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7) to support hoof growth, skin and coat condition, as well as containing an innovative protected live yeast and a mycotoxin binder to support a healthy GI tract. WellHorse Veteran also provides a high quality source of glucosamine and MSM to help reduce stiffness in joints, and increased levels of vitamins E and C to aid respiratory and muscle function.

  • Fully balanced vitamin, micromineral and macromineral support for the older horse
  • Added support for joints, gut health and immune system
  • The only Veteran supplement to meet the NRC and BASF recommendations for vitamins and minerals
  • 1.7 kg tub gives approximately 30 day supply

Horses’ nutritional requirements change as they age and WellHorse Veteran has been formulated to safely satisfy this specific need

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