Senior Horse Gold

Senior Horse Gold


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Ageing is a natural process but our horses and ponies are now generally living longer, and with the help of veterinary care, appropriate feeding, management, farriery and dentistry, our seniors can maintain a good quality of life well into their 30’s.  Senior Horse Gold will help sustain and support the older horse’s digestion, liver and kidney function, respiration, circulation, heart and mobility.  An alternative for senior horses still in regular work would be MultiFlex or liquid Multiflex Gold.

Please allow up to a month for full benefits to be seen.

Tinctures of milk thistle seed, celery seed, meadowsweet herb, hawthorn berries, ginkgo leaf, chamomile flowers, rosemary herb, burdock root. 

To help sustain and support the older horse's digestion, liver and kidney function, respiration, circulation, heart and mobility.

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