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A gentle body brush with soft bristles to remove loose hair and leave a well-groomed coat.

  • New comfort rubber grip fits perfectly into any size hand
  • New patent pending ergonomic, stylish design is easy to grip and use
  • Extended length for improved grooming coverage
  • Soft, specially spaced bristles for more effective use
  • Perfect for the finishing groom on soft or heavy coated horses
  • Soft touch, anti-slip

When grooming any horse or pony, an essential tool will be the soft bristled body brush. This is normally used after the stiff bristled dandy brush and will remove smaller particles of dust and dirt from the coat. 

  • The WAHL Soft Body Brush has been designed to be easy to hold with a soft grip, non-slip finish that allows greater coverage across the coat
  • Used after any mud or sizeable debris has been cleared from the coat, the Body Brush will remove fine particles, dust and lose hairs
  • The soft, short bristles add shine to the coat and are soothing for the horse
  • Use the brush in a vigorous stroking movement across the coat in the direction of the hair growth
  • The Soft Body brush can be used on all areas of the horse, but we recommend the smaller Face brush around the head and face
  • It is ideal when used with quarter markers, just brush against the direction of hair growth to create a perfect pattern
  • To clean the Soft Body brush use the Mane and Tail Brush to pull any dirt and hairs through the bristles and then wash it weekly in an antibacterial solution and allow to dry naturally
  • Do not put it away wet as this may cause deterioration of the bristles.

A gentle body brush with soft bristles to remove loose hair and leave a well-groomed coat.

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