Stretch & Flex Exercise Bandages

Stretch & Flex Exercise Bandages


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Equilibrium Stretch & Flex® Exercise Bandages have been designed to reduce the build-up of heat through the use of technological materials, giving the leg maximum support that a bandage can offer whilst keeping it cool at the same time. The bandage itself is designed to allow freedom of movement; the outer material is an open weave fabric which has a four way stretch for this purpose. 50% of the bandage is then lined with the cool space fabric. This soft, flexible fabric is key to reducing the build up of heat in the bandage. The bandages come in four different lengths to ensure you get the right fit for your horse/pony and have left and right legs so the logo is facing the correct way up when you come to the end of the bandage.

On the inside of the bandage there are clear instructions of how the bandage is to be applied. This, along with the forgiving materials will minimise uneven application.

  • Liner made from ‘Cool Space’ fabric
  • Inbuilt liner removes the need for a pad/wrap under the bandage
  • Liner is cushioning/shock absorbing
  • Bandages are marked left and right to ensure logo is correct way up when applied
  • Instruction label at start of bandage indicating which leg bandage is for/fitting instructions
  • ‘Cool Space’ fabric actively draws moisture away from the skin 
  • Machine washable
  • Padding, protection and support without restriction
  • Soft fabric prevents rubbing/chafing
  • 1 x bandage = 3m length
  • Available in white

Independent laboratory tests show that Equilibrium Stretch & Flex® Exercise Bandages out-performed competitors:

  • The bandages are more effective at conducting heat away from the leg
  • They are more effective at wicking sweat away from the surface of the skin

Free your horse's natural paces!

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