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Would you like to help to soothe your horse’s respiratory tract and allow him to breathe clearly, overcoming environmental pressures?

The trachea (wind pipe) is covered in finger like villi and a protective mucosa to trap and destroy pollen, dust or bacteria so they can be swept out away from the lungs. The mucus layer also contains antibodies as the first line of defence against airborne infection. However, when the body is under pressure, these natural defences may need support.

Dust and pollen in the atmosphere are an inevitable result of stabling horses, and the pollen count can reach irritating levels in the summer. These challenges will affect a sensitive horse’s ability to perform and recover. Think Clear is a new and innovative granular mixture, fomulated to support the respiratory system, soothe and relax the breathing and maintain a clear airway. It will allow your horse to cope with the stable environment and summer pollen.

Brinicombe Equine Think Clear is a powerful natural formula for all horses sensitive to their environment. It contains vitamin A, zinc and pantothenic acid for soft tissue health, with MSM, thyme and marshmallow to clear, soothe and repair. Natural antioxidants, bromelain and a blend of soothing essential oils support respiratory health and maintain the immune system for healthy lung performance.

A powerful natural formula for all horses sensitive to their environment.

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