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No horse owner likes to see their horse plagued by flies in the summer. Many just cause a discomfort, but biting flies can spread disease and cause lumps or a rash. Flies are also a nuisance for anyone competing their horse. They can cause a distraction during a dressage test or showing class. A swish of the tail or flick of the head will result in a loss of concentration and a poor score.

Would you and your horse welcome a stress-free, easy answer to reduce fly nuisance?

A breakthrough for the equestrian world, Think Fly is the first ever feed product designed to reduce fly nuisance. When consumed, Think Fly will work naturally through the body’s system to create an invisible shield-like effect all over your horse, providing full, 24-hour comfort from fly nuisance, seven days a week. Containing the unique herbal fly dispersant, Repel-Ex, this totally natural formula is rich in herbs and essential oils with MSM, zinc and trace elements for a healthy skin and coat.

Brinicombe Equine Think Fly Lick is a solid lick, ideal for horses kept at grass, or not given a hard feed. This method of feeding allows the horse 24 hour access to the nutrients, so he can help himself to everything he needs.

NB: Think Fly lick also provides broad spectrum vitamins and minerals to meet all the needs of the horse at grass in a single product.

A solid lick, ideal for horses kept at grass, or not given a hard feed.

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