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Think Healthy is a unique blend of fresh garlic cloves and traditionally made, unfiltered cider apple vinegar to give the best to your horse, naturally.

Brinicombe Equine Think Healthy contains only fresh garlic cloves, ensuring that all the volatile nutrients which are normally lost during drying and grinding remain intact within the product. The apple cider vinegar is sourced from a local producer in Devon, who manufactures cider on his farm by traditional methods as it should be done.

No chemicals are added, and nothing is taken away. The fresh garlic cloves are blended with the cider vinegar using 100% natural capture techniques to ensure that no goodness is lost to the atmosphere. The volatile sulphur containing compounds are the most important and highly effective ingredients that provide maximum health benefits for your horse. Our techniques of manufacture mean that Think Healthy is the only product on the market that contains these ingredients.

Think Healthy is good for breathing, good for joints, good for skin and good for the digestive system.

Do you want to maintain your horse's health with a natural product?

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