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Every year the arrival of spring grass brings a huge amount of concern and confusion to horse owners across the country, particularly when caring for natives or good doers.  Developed by a team of nutritionists, Think Laminitix is recommended for all horses and ponies who may be prone to the effects of laminitis.

Based on the latest research, Brinicombe Equine Think Laminitix provides the best possible nutrition for maintaining circulation and soundness and metabolic equilibrium. As well as providing essential ingredients for healthy hooves, a blend of natural, nutritional aids work in synergy to stabilise the metabolism, digestive system and blood sugar levels. The ingredients include vital levels of superior quality chelated magnesium with cinnamon,MSMlive yeast and natural antioxidants for all-round support.

Think Laminitix is available in granular form. It is a concentrated formulation for mixing with a high fibre feed. The granules gives you complete control of the feeding rate.

2 kg will last 40 days when fed at 50 g per day. 

Biotin, zinc & methionine - essential nutrients provided at optimum levels for healthy hoof growth and hoof quality (15 mg biotin / 100 g dose). Many laminitics have poor quality hooves, and if remedial farriery is required faster growing hooves will give faster results. Many laminitic supplements would need to be fed in conjunction with a hoof supplement which makes Think Laminitix a very cost effective choice.

MSM - helps to promote blood circulation to ensure that vital nutrients are delivered to the laminae and damaging waste is flushed away. It also helps to maintain the body’s natural anti-inflammatory mechanisms, and provides a source of sulphur for hoof wall strength.

Probiotics & acid buffers - the horse’s digestive system is his first line of defence. These ingredients help to maintain a healthy gut by regulating the pH, improving feed utilisation and helping to support the natural microbial balance.

Magnesium & cinnamon - support the body’s natural mechanism for maintaining blood sugar levels and therefore highly recommended for those ponies who could be susceptible to insulin resistance.

Natural Antioxidants - when blood circulation is restricted, such as during laminitis, it is thought that the production of free radicals will increase, causing significant damage to the laminae. Antioxidants are the body’s natural defence system but during times of stress and trauma demand will outstrip supply. Grass is the major dietary source of antioxidants, so when a lamintic’s diet is restricted it is vital to provide a supplementary source of antioxidants to prevent free radical damage. Research has shown that horses who have had laminitis in the past will have higher levels of circulating free radicals than those who have never suffered, therefore suggesting a greater need for dietary antioxidants. 

Would you like your horse to have healthy hooves throughout the year?

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