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Targeted nutrients essential for maintaining mobility, healthy cartilage and joints. Formulated to meet the extra demands of intense training.

The benefits of glucosamine and chondroitin are well known and feeding a joint supplement is becoming standard practice for performance horses. It is believed that these ingredients will provide targeted nutritional support to the cartilage and synovial fluid in order to help maintain healthy joints despite a heavy workload. However, not all joint supplements are the same and it is important to consider the quality and bio-availablity of nutrients, as well as the overall formulation to ensure that the horse gets the best support available.

Brinicombe Equine TopFlex HA utilises pure glucosamine HCl with a high grade low molecular weight chondroitin sulphate in combination with quality MSM. These three targeted nutrients work in synergy to help maintain mobility and performance, and aid the natural anti-inflammatory mechanisms of the body. High levels of hyaluronic acid (40 mg /80 g fed) and glutamine have also been included as the latest research suggests that these ingredients are of great nutritional importance for the maintenance of healthy joints.

TopFlex HA is also supplemented with copper and manganese chelates, essential for the growth and development of healthy cartilage in youngstock, as well as targeted anti-oxidants to mop-up damage which may occur as a result of the natural wear and tear to the joints.

Targeted nutrients essential for maintaining mobility, healthy cartilage and joints.

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