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0:10 is a caramel flavoured additive which contains an excellent specification of nutrients to support the development and maintenance of healthy joints

The types of horses most likely to benefit include horses subject to extreme athletic demand e.g. those used for dressage, show jumping, eventing, endurance, driving and western riding. Also likely to benefit are horses subject to repeated wear and tear e.g. the elderly or those working on poor surfaces. 

TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support contains a generous combination of natural sources of Glucosamine (10 g/500 kg horse/day) and MSM (10 g/500 kg horse/day). Glucosamine is a precursor and component GAGs, of which hyaluronic acid is a well known example. GAGs are essential constituents of cartilage and synovial fluid. 

MSM is a bio-available source of sulphur and helps to maintain optimum function in connective tissues such as tendons, ligaments and muscles. It promotes fluid dispersion at injury sites via its role in the permeability of cell walls. 

TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support also contains a blend of anti-oxidants, i.e. vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and natural tocopherols, to combat excess free radicals around the joint. 

TopSpec provide a large range of horse food and horse supplements that are scientifically created to help feed any type of horse a healthy balance of nutrients.

TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support is supplied in 1.5 kg tubs which last a 500 kg horse for one month at the full recommended rate. It will last two months at maintenance rate to help support the joints of healthy horses. Economic 9 kg and 20 kg tubs save 25% or 40% respectively.

A nutritional support system to promote the comfort zone in and around joints.

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