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TRM Bioactive is a scientifically formulated combination of natural raw materials. Each of these ingredients have been chosen for their individual energy and vitality giving properties. 

TRM Bioactive combines bee pollen, TMG, L-carnitine and vitamin B12 in a convenient dosing syringe to ensure your horse ‘stays the distance’.

Feed 1 x syringe each day for 2 days before the race/competition and 1 x syringe the morning of the race/competition. 

 per 60 gper 1 kg
Trimethylglycine7,738 mg128,967 mg
Vitamin B121,110 mcg18,500 mcg
L-carnitine3,868 mg64,467 mg
Bee pollen16,900 mg281,667 mg
Excipient (honey) to 60 g1 kg

Pre-race energy booster syringes to ensure your horse ‘stays the distance'.

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