TRM GNF (Gut Nutrition Formula)


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TRM GNF is a unique supplement, for daily feeding to horses prone to gastric disturbances. TRM GNF will assist in maintaining optimum gut health and function, allowing maximum utilisation of feed. 

TRM GNF supplies a unique formulation of prebiotics, amino acids, seaweed extract and specific minerals necessary to aid in the recovery and maintenance of a healthy digestive tract. 

TRM GNF is sold in a convenient pelleted formulation.

g per day
Ponies and foals50

 per 100 gper 1 kg
Calcium carbonate20,000 mg200,000 mg
Magnesium hydroxide10,000 mg100,000 mg
Seaweed extract10,000 mg100,000 mg
Fructo-oligosaccharides10,000 mg100,000 mg
Glutamine3,800 mg38,000 mg
>td >4,720 mg47,200 mg
Excipients and binders  (full-fat soya, kaolin)41,480 mg414,800 mg

Daily feeding to horses prone to gastric disturbances.

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