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TRM Isopro 2000 is a concentrated, scientifically formulated and cost effective electrolyte supplement for daily use in performance horses. 

The replacement of electrolytes after sweating is essential as metabolic imbalances may result in a lactic acid accumulation, “tying up” syndrome, dehydration and decreased performance. 

TRM Isopro 2000 is naturally flavoured with aniseed, which is highly palatable to the horse.

Horses in training – feed 60 g per day.  

Fresh drinking water should be available at all times. 

per 60 gper 1 kgSodium 6,691 mg111,524 mgPotassium5,034 mg83,904 mgCalcium5,765 mg96,096 mgMagnesium290 mg4,848 mgCitrate 2,400 mg40,000 mgCarbonate8,634 mg143,904 mgBicarbonate5,229 mg87,156 mgChloride11,844 mg197,416 mgSulphate1,149 mg19,152 mgExcipient to60 g1 kgAniseed oil flavouring  

Isotonic electrolyte supplement.

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