TRM Multiplex Syringe

TRM Multiplex Syringe


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OUT OF DATE 10/2018. TRM MULTIPLEX is a B-vitamin booster syringe that can be given weekly to horses in training, to promote a good appetite or as a pre-competition booster. The B-vitamins play important roles in red blood cell physiology and in energy metabolism and are therefore key nutrients for exercising horses. Whether horses are capable of synthesising adequate quantities has been questioned. Increasing energy expenditure leads to an increase in the requirements of these essential B-vitamins.

Feed 1 x syringe per week. 

 per 50 gper 1 kg
Vitamin B125,000 mcg100,000 mcg
Vitamin B6250 mg5,000 mg
Vitamin B11,000 mg20,000 mg
Excipient to50 g1 kg

B-vitamin booster syringes.

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