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TRM SpeedXcell is a balanced multivitamin and mineral supplement, fully in solution, for daily feeding to performance horses.

TRM SpeedXcell will assist them in maintaining optimum health and maximising their athletic potential. The formulation comprises 20 key nutrients.

TRM SpeedXcell is designed to bridge the gap between the increased nutritional requirements of competition horses, and an environment that is supplying fewer vitamins and minerals from natural sources.

ml per day
Ponies and foals30

 per 60 gper 1 litre
Vitamin A40,000 iu666,667 iu
Vitamin D6,500 iu108,333 iu
Vitamin E800 iu13,333 iu
Vitamin K10 mg167 mg
Vitamin B170 mg1,167 mg
Vitamin B260 mg1,000 mg
Vitamin B630 mg500 mg
Vitamin B12120 mg2,000 mcg
Biotin1.5 mg25 mg
Folic acid50 mg833 mg
D-pantothenic acid60 mg1,000 mg
Niacin150 mg2,500 mg
Elemental iron100 mg1,667 mg
Manganese200 mg3,333 mg
Copper 60 mg1,000 mg
Zinc225 mg3,750 mg
Iodine3 mg50 mg
Cobalt1.5 mg25 mg
Selenium0.4 mg6.67 mg
Excipient to60 ml1,000 ml

Balanced multi-vitamin and mineral solution.

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