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ULS-GARD Pellets

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As a result of the environment, work and the feeding regimes that domestic horses are exposed to, the stomach can become irritated and sensitivities can occur. This results in a loss of condition and performance. Uls-Gard contains ingredients to soothe and coat the stomach providing support against these stresses. ULS-GARD should be given to all competition horses and those on high concentrate diets, with every feed.


  • Does not contravene with current Jockey Club or FEI rules
  • Can continue to be fed whilst the horse is competing
  • Can also be used for foals

When should you feed ULS-GARD?

  • Daily to any horse
  • On a high grain diet
  • In high levels of work
  • Showing signs of ulceration – dull coat, loss of weight and condition, yawning or gulping, or reluctance to eat hard feed
  • During or after use of NSAID e.g. bute

How does it work?
ULS-GARD works in four ways:

  1. By neutralising acid in the stomach with effective anti-acids
  2. Soothing and coating the stomach lining
  3. Healing any underlying ulcers
  4. Firming stools

ULS-GARD was found to be the most effective and affordable alternative to Gastrogard by The Horse Journal.

Feed ULS-GARD with your horse’s regular feed or mix with a small amount of water and give orally. 

Average 500 kg horse - feed 40 g (2 measures) twice daily for the first 60 days

Maintenance - feed 20 g twice daily

Foals - feed 20 g daily

Available in:

  • 1.6 kg tub (40 day supply at maintenance)

Maltodextrin, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, glycine, kaolin, diatomaceous earth, bentonite, vegetable oil (dust control), ferric oxide, dried apple pectin pulp, zinc oxide, magnesium silicate, aloe vera, pantothenic acid, methylcellulose, licorice, silicic acid precipitated. 

A dietary supplement to soothe the stomachs of horses in training or competition.

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