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When should you feed Equine America ULS-GARD Solution?
Daily to any horse or pony:

  • On a high grain diet
  • In high levels of work
  • Showing signs of ulceration e.g. dull coat, underperforming, loss of weight and condition, yawning or gulping, or reluctance to eat hard feed
  • During or after use of NSAID – e.g. bute

Feed Equine America ULS-GARD Solution with the horse's regular feed. 

For an average 500 kg horse, feed 15 ml daily twice daily for 21 days, then maintenance at 15 ml.

Available in: 

  • 1 litre (up to 2 months supply at a maintenance level)
  • 4 litre (up to 8 months supply at a maintenance level)

Water, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, glycine, kaolin, diatomaceous earth, methylcellulose, dried apple pectin pulp, zinc oxide, aloe vera, preserved with ammonium propionate. 

For horses and ponies prone to gastric ulcers.

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Category Digestion, gastric & probiotics, Equine America

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