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Every stabled horse may be at risk of lung irritationWhat is Winergy Ventilate?
WINERGY VENTIL-ATE® is a unique pelleted equine supplement, scientifically proven to support your horse’s own natural lung defenses. Its unique formulation provides powerful, nutrient support through a specific combination of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium together with an exclusive blend of ingredients that include dried herbs and spices, such as garlic for horses, rosemary and nutmeg.

The importance of healthy lungs
A healthy respiratory system is vital for the overall health and well-being of your horse; even minor respiratory challenges can affect your horses comfort and performance.

When at rest, the average horse breathes over 70,000 litres of air per day, even more during exercise. It’s essential that your horse’s ability to breathe should not be compromised.

How stabling can affect lung health
In typical stable conditions with each breath your horse inhales approximately 12 million particles including dust, mould, allergens and irritants. In poorly ventilated stables, with inferior quality forage or bedding or during mucking out the situation is even worse.

Is your horse at risk?
Every stabled horse may be at risk of lung irritation. It doesn’t matter whether you own a racehorse, competition horse or a leisure horse, anything that affects the way his lungs work can affect his well-being and the way he performs.

Antioxidants – natural defence?
Antioxidants are a key part of the body’s natural defences and help to maintain healthy lungs. Vitamin C has been identified as the most important antioxidant in the lung lining fluid – vital to lung protection. It is found at 20 – 30 times the level of some other antioxidants. But simply feeding high levels of vitamin C (or an unbalanced mixture of antioxidants) may lead to an imbalance and a reduced antioxidant capacity making the situation worse.

What are antioxidants?
Everyday, just like us, our horses’ cells produce “free radicals” which are formed as the result of normal body processes. However, if produced in excess they can cause cell damage and death. Antioxidants, otherwise known as “free-radical scavengers”, help the body neutralise free radicals and play a vital role in maintaining the health and integrity of individual cells.

Reducing the dangers. How you can help

  • Turn out as much as possible
  • Keep stables clean and well ventilated
  • Use a low dust bedding
  • Avoid deep litter systems
  • Feed a low dust forage i.e. haylage or soaked hay
  • Remove your horse from its stable during mucking out
  • Keep manure, straw and hay away from the stable area

Our extensive trials, published by WALTHAM®, in collaboration with the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, showed that in as little as 4 weeks, horses being supplemented with WINERGY VENTIL-ATE® had significantly higher levels of antioxidants.

As the UK’s leading scientifically proven respiratory equine supplement, WINERGY VENTILATE is a safe support system proven to reinforce lung health.

The UK’s leading scientifically proven respiratory equine supplement.

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