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Some horses benefit from an extra shot of iron and B complex vitamins just before competition. Xtra Boost is a handy 3 x 10 ml serving paste to be used prior to competition to support energy levels and maximize performance.

Xtra Boost is a short-term supplement for that big event or competition. If a vitamin and mineral supplement or tonic such as V-Biotic or ProPell Plus is being used, Xtra Boost should still be given, without concern of over supplementing.

When should you feed Xtra Boost?

  • As a three day build-up to competition for an extra boost toenergy and stamina
  • To competing show jumpers and polo ponies
  • To boost energy levels of the lethargic horse

How does Xtra Boost work?
Xtra Boost combines highly-absorbable iron for energy and stamina with effective B vitamins. B vitamins are the bodies ‘feel good’ vitamins that aid performance and ultilisation of energy. Xtra Boost is a three day build-up excellent for preparing for that big competition or when staying away at shows.

Administer 10 ml into horse’s mouth on the back of the tongue daily for 3 days prior to event.

Available in:

  • 30 ml syringe (3 x 10 ml servings)

Water, ferrous sulphate, xanthan gum, copper sulphate (3,000 mg/kg added), thiamine HCl (source of vitamin B1), cobalt, folic acid, riboflavin (source of vitamin B2), preserved with ammonium propionate, pyridoxine HCl (source of vitamin B6), cyanocobalamin (source of vitamin B12). 

To support energy levels and maximize performance.

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