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Keratex Zeolite A BREAKTHROUGH in supplementary feeding. A new way of feeding your horse!

Keratex Zeolite is a 100% naturally occurring volcanic clay mineral.

What will Keratex Zeolite do for my horse? 
One scoop per day of Keratex Zeolite powder will complement and support your existing feeds and supplements by enhancing nutrient absorption, so your horse gets much more from its diet.

Keratex Zeolite is made from a 100% natural occurring volcanic clay mineral ash called clinoptilolite which horses and other animals forage for by instinct in the wild. It is part of the environment. Keratex Zeolite has no additives.

This is Mother Nature’s answer to internal cleansing your horse. Totally safe for long-term use, clinoptilolite is a well respected compound in the scientific industry and is found in soil and rocks all over the world.

  • Filters nutrients for enhanced absorption – get 100% from your feeds and supplements
  • Great for general health and vitality, added benefits of improved coat quality and depth of colour

Two scoops per day in feed has the added benefit of mopping up sugar toxins from lush grass particularly in Spring; help elderly horses who have outlived their teeth and struggle to chew food properly digest their food better; help naturally ribby horses to make the most from their diet.

In larger quantities, Keratex Zeolite can even support bone density. Please ask for more information about this.

If you have ever seen your horse licking the soil, paying particular attention to one spot on the ground, eating bark or gorse, or licking a friend’s muddy rug, your horse could be foraging for Keratex Zeolite!

Keratex Zeolite….Yet another equestrian first from the science experts at Keratex!

A BREAKTHROUGH in supplementary feeding. A new way of feeding your horse.

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