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Equistro® BETAMAG Forte

By: Equistro®

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Behavioural stress resistance.

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A dietetic feeding stuff in liquid form supplying a concentrate of organic complex of high biological value magnesium and readily available (IPALIGO®) zinc.

Nutritional value:
BETAMAG Forte is a liquid formula composed of organic magnesium and zinc that supplies the nutrients essential for the regulation of the muscular and nervous systems. The zinc, contained in BETAMAG Forte, is supplied in the organic complex IPALIGO® form, unique to Vetoquinol, thus ensuring an excellent bioavailabilty and retention as demonstrated in the horse for IPALIGO® zinc.

Dietetic feeding stuff for horses: 

Supplies zinc and magnesium, essential for the nervous system, this can aid the reduction in stress which may be more important around the time of management change e.g changing yard, travelling and other stressful events.

Administer in feed or drinking water.

Adult horses:
Standard sized horses (500 kg): increased physical exertion: 10 ml once or twice a day
Light horses and ponies: 5 ml once or twice a day

Half of the above administration

Administer for a duration of 2 to 4 weeks, or longer if necessary, mixed with feed, drinking water or oral applicator. 

It is recommended that a veterinarian‘s opinion be sought before use or before extending the period of use.

Due to presence of trace elements with maximum set limits, volume must not exceed 100 ml per 500 kg horse per day. 

Magnesium aspartate, sucrose

Additives/kg: composed of trace elements: 
Zinc chloride (E6) 12,700 mg

Aromatic substances:
Glycine 29,800 mg

Analytical constituents:
Moisture 71%
Crude protein 12.2%
Crude ash 3.78%
Magnesium 1.3%
Crude fat 0.8%
Crude fibre 0.3%
Sodium 0.2% 

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