Protecting Against Insects

, Protecting Against Insects
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Although the summer brings about sunshine, it can also bring about pesky flies, horse flies and midges that seem determined to annoy horses and their owners.

From sprays to supplements that work from the inside out, we’ve posted Equestrizone’s Top 10 Picks for Insect Protection Below. You can add the items to your cart at the bottom of the page

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1. Apple Cider Vinegar with Garlic 5l (£19.95)

The addition of garlic to a horse’s diet is thought to act as a natural repellent to flies and other biting insects. Try our ACV with Garlic to deter those flies and help give your horse a beautiful gleam to the coat too.


2. Equestrizone Garlic Granules 500g (£11.95) 

Our pure-grade Garlic Granules are easy to add to your horse’s feed and have additional health benefits for the respiratory and circulatory systems. They can also be used to stimulate appetite.


3. Tri Tec 14 Insecticide 946ml trigger spray (£37.99)

Our bestselling spray for all equestrian buildings and surrounding areas. Combines botanically-derived pyrethrins with cypermethrin to form a fast-acting, long-lasting formula that repels and kills for up to 10-14 days. This spray is not licensed for use directly onto animals.


4. NAF Extra Effect Fly Repellent Spray 750ml (£13.29)

A concentrated solution which can be applied directly to the horse to help deter flies, midges and other pests from your horse. It’s available as a liquid or gel application and is quick and easy to use.


5. Lincoln Fly Repellent Roll-On 50ml (£2.98) 

If your horse is not happy about being sprayed we recommend this handy product which can be easily carried around in your bag and conveniently applied anywhere onto your horse. It is a water-based formula with additional moisturising agents.


6. Fly Away Citronella Free Midge Away Cream 400ml (£12.59)  

Hit the spot on those extra sensitive areas or horses that are easily irritated by other fly repellent formulations, try this natural herbal formulation. This can easily be applied using a cloth or your hands and is free from any chemicals.


7. Equilibrium Field Relief Midi Fly Mask with ears. (£25.65)  

Protect your horse’s eyes and ears whilst in the field with this padded fly mask. Available in sizes small to extra large with Velcro fastening


8. HY Guardian Fly Rug & Fly Mask. Sizes 5’6 to 7’3 (£49.95) 

This rug is a great value addition to your horse’s summer wardrobe and will offer maximum all-over protection from flies and other insects as it comes with a free face mask! It reflects harmful UV rays and has anti-rub lining on the mane, tail and shoulder areas – great if your horse suffers from, or is prone to sweet itch.


9. Barrier Super Plus Fly Gel 500ml (£13.14)

A great smelling, super strength, 100% natural formulation fly repellent gel, for use on those more awkward areas, such as the head and belly. Free from all prohibited substances under FEI and HRA rules.


10. Fly Away Defleqt Fly and Midge Repellent Wipes x 50 (£5.40)

A handy pack of 50 wet wipes, ideal to have in your grooming box for competitions. They contain a Powerful herbal formula which is tested and proven to keep flies away without the need for DEET or other chemicals. HSE approved, kind to your horse, and supremely effective.



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